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Webcam site


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I need to make a webcam site and I somewhat recall someone here having a site with webcam images on it. My question is, how are the images on the page updated? Is an image created by the webcam locally on the computer and uploaded via FTP or through PHP?
I think you mean camportal.co.uk, SPeedY_B's site. When you submit your cam for the site, you'll have to have a place to host your webcam-file. So the images on the Camportal are all hosted on their own sites, mostly personal webspace.


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ahh, yeah, It was speedy_b.

I have a few questions ...

1. People who have accounts on your site, do they all have thier own ftp accounts?
2. I haven't tried any of the webcam software yet, but do they support submitting to scripts (ASP/PHP) via POST?
3. How much bandwidth does your webcam site use with all the updating?
4. How updated are the pictures? Do the users set the intervals to upload thier pictures?

I'll probably have more questions as I start with this little project, any and all help is very much appreciated.


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1. They're not accounts, as with all cam site's people simply send me a link to their image, hosted on their own space, which I then add to the site.

2. The only cam app I know which will submit via http is Dorgem (http://dorgem.sf.net/) but if I recall the actual submission method is not documented, making it hard to support.

3. Moved host, but so far the site has used 95mb in the past 4-days. (Keep in mind, none of the cams are actually hosted there, each page is about 15kb in size)

4. As it's on their space, it's of course, up to them.



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Great help everyone.

I have more questions in the future, but I don't know what to ask for now.


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