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Web Server


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Hello ...

I hope that I am not posting a thread that has been here before but just hoping that someone could help me out on this.

I am using a Windows XP Pro PC and would like to try out self-hosting for self-learning purpose but I am not sure which web server software to use. I know there is Apache and Microsoft IIS but which would you professionals recommend please?

:D Any advise is most appreciated !!


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Same here,

I am a complete n00b with FTP tho, are there any really simple programs that will allow me to host an FTP server?

Just need a simple server, to host some files and documents for my mates (Legit),

Need a simple login to the server, so I could easily give people a username and pass and allow them to d/l what they want :)

Any help appreciated,



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Bullet Proof Ftp

heard quite a lot of good stuff about it but it looks like it's only a 30 day trial:huh:


again looks like a 30 day trial:rolleyes:

at home i use ws_ftp to get files off ftp servers......will go look if they do a prog 2 host a server:cool:


I use IIS 5 built into WinXP Pro for my web server and Surv-U FTP server software for my FTP server. IIS provides a great web server, but the FTP has it's limitations. It all depends on what kinds of options you need to have available on your FTP server software. I need several options that IIS does not offer, so I went with 3rd party software.


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WS_FTP Server is commonly used for setting up an FTP server that allows users to login, download and
upload files.
you can get a free evaluation copy with no time limit HERE it should do all that you want, the prog i use @ home 2 get files from ftp servers is Here


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I don't have a fixed ip tho :( will it still b ok? when i use the bullet proof ftp host client it shows my internal ip address :(

Any ideas?



Set yourself up an IP bounce. There are tons of free ones. Here is the one I use:


They also have downloadable client software that will update your IP address to their servers if your IP changes.


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hrmmmm that makes it harder i think:huh: it's fine 4 you when you set up the server, but makes it hard 4 anyone 2 conect unless u conect then email/pm them the current i.p.


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Ok, I setup a www.dyndns.org user account, set-up a dynamic account called:


then I d/led trial version of WS_FTP,
d/led deeEnEs dynamic updater,

Set both of them up and when I try to connect to my FTP it comes up with error "Windows Cannot Access This Folder. Make Sure You Typed The File Name Correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

Details: A connection with the server cannot be established"

Why not?!!

I tried connecting to the IP: under port 21 (my ftp)

Same error,



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Ok, the server is talking to the world now try out: ftp://skazzyuk.dyndns.org

Should ask for a login, I tried logging in with the correct information, but it still comes up with the same error (attached)

Soz its in wordpad because I'm using my server, and it ain't got no applications :D

SkazzyUK: A start would be using a real FTP client so you can see what happens when you try to log in. I tried but didn't get any contact at all. Is it down again?

dreamworks: Sure thing. That work. I run it (only for testing on this machine). :)


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Rite well, I think it mite be something to do with my router not opening that port or somit??

I enabled FTP server on the router, and I manage to log into the ftp but I have to use my server login and it logs me into the server

So I dunno what to do, it obvioulsy is only getting as far as the router what must I do for the router to let the ftp access my server?

I'm a total noob, so explain how to let the router do this please :D

The router must have its own ftp client, but I have now disabled it because it only lets u log into the router :(



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Should I be doing something like this:

or not?

Maybe this:

Or this:

(I Have Hidden My IP's If You Are Wondering Where They Are)

Here is what I get when I use BPFTP to log in:

Connecting to [url]ftp://skazzyuk.dyndns.org[/url] port 21
Error 11004 (Valid name, no data record of requested type) finding address for host


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