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Web Server Folders


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There are 6 folders on my BT Web Server, that will not delete. There are folders in them, that also will not delete. I can upload my Web Site OK, and it works OK, provided I put it into one of the existing folders. I am not able to make a new folder. I have tried several FTP programs, but they all have been the same, as they will not delete existing folders or create new ones.
I have other Web Servers and have no trouble with them.
Is it likely that these folders are BT created and necessary for the Site to work.


OSNN Senior Addict
The folders are shown as - bin, Pub, user and id with one just showing //. I cannot delete any of them, or upload, or create, a new folder. But I can upload all my Web Folders, and pages, into the pub folder, which seems to work fine, but means I cannot have more than one Web. On other servers I have, I can create as many folders as I wish, and put different Web Sites in each of them, provided of course I don't exceed my quota.
I don't think you should delete these folders. You are meant to put the webpages in the pub folder, and any other pages in subfolders to pub. I agree that it wouls have been wiser of the host to set the pub folder as the root folder you see when you log in, but this does not seem to be the case here.

I take it that you don't have to type in the "pub" part in the url when accessing the page?


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No, I don't have to use pub when viewing my Web Site. It must just be the way that BT operate their site then. My NTL Server doesn't show any other folders but the ones I create. I have three sites up with them, and I just refer to them as a b c, and they work fine. I thought that was how it would have been with BT.
The difference would be to put a, b and c inside pub. My old ISP had a similar system except their folder was called "html".

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