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WAP.osnn.net error message

I am getting this when going to wap.osnn.net with my shiny new iMode phone:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: returnpagebit() in /usr/home/main/public_html/modules/mobile/index.php on line 132
:( I wanted to browse to osnn :( :cry:

Electronic Punk

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could be an issue with the new server.
will sort asap.

will also be doing a colour version of the wap site (more html really)
Works, thanks :D Can you make it that when I go to wap.osnn.net it will get redirected to the index.wml file automagically? Now when I type http://wap.osnn.net I still get the error, when I add /index.wml to the address, it works. Thanks :)
X-Istence said:

Uhm, what? when I go to wap.osnn.net (without index.wml), I now get more errors. (it's complaining it can't find modules/mobile/index.php, it's supposed to be in /usr/home/main/public_html/modules.php on line 31)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
sorry to join in on what is/was basically problem thread - but if there's a WAP version of the site to access would that be useful for dial-up access also? I am wondering if it would give slimmer access via a regular browser, I started another thread for that, but the outcome was basically "Welcome to my world" (EP) and "OSNN Lite might be suckage" (others). I'll resurrect it and xlink it to this in case....

[EDIT] and here is xlink teh other way, to be neat [/EDIT]

Electronic Punk

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I am working on a version (or should be) of the wap site, that won't be wap but will load in my symbian 6 opera browser with no side scrolling etc. Will be too small for non phone/pda use but will be lightweight. :p

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