Voodoo3 3000 Problems


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Dec 24, 2001
Welp, a game that I love to play, Counter-Strike, wont let me. You see, in the game, the best wya to play is with the Open GL 3dfx mini driver. (Yes this will be under games too). When I try to get into a game you see, it tells me that the mode of OpenGL I am trying to play with is not supported with my Video Card.

Well, it worked before I installed WindowsXP, and now it doesnt. Ok, no biggie, ill reinstall the drivers for my video card. No such luck. WindowsXP does not like Registry files, and when I isntall my video card drivers it has to update the registry otherwise it wotn work properly.

So now im stuck without an option. I can play in Software mode, but then just I get 2 frames per second.

Can someone please help me??

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All good still mate?

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