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VLC Player Problem


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I have been using Video Lan Player for awhile now, no problems its great. I got a new video, and when I click to open it, my computer freezing and Altcontroldelete dosent work, i have to press the restart button.

I dont get why this is happening, thats the only one that has done this.

Some help..
"Got a new video"? Hmmm.

Is this a VCD, DVD, download, etc.? File format? mpeg, avi, matrovska...

If it's a download it could be corrupted or could have a virus implanted.

If it's a DVD it may be copy protected to prevent viewing on a PC.

A missing or corrupted codec is also a possibility. Run gspot or videoinspector to see what codecs are used.


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All videos I have, no matter what type I use this program. I got this new one which is avi, dosent work in it but works in WMP.. thats weird...


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It's most likely corrupted and that's why it's making it crash. Check it out with Gspot just to make sure that you also have the right codec.
If the file is AVI it and runs in WMP it sounds like there may be a "liscence" issue with this file. WMP has all that media rights **** in it. VLC does not.

Other possibility is VLC is missing a "liscenced codec" that WMP has.

I'd bet on the media rights stuff myself.


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Ok, that makes sense. This is the only file that has given me problem. So I'm just gonna go with that.

Thanks guys.

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