Virgin Media 100mbit.

I called virgin Media today about their VIP standard package (works out cheaper to get tv, phone and broadband from them than from be, BT and sky).

I asked them about the suggestion on that they were planning on offering 100mbit cable services. To which the answer was an enthusiastic yes. Though I wasn't given an ETA it was suggested it would be "soon".

Take "soon" with as much salt as you want, though those in a cable area may want to seriously consider moving over right about now.

VIP Bundle:


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I'm so freaking jealous right now. I got 768 and I pay $70/month now. And thats with a discount for bundling other stuff. God I hate small towns and DSL!!
No need to get too jealous. They've been saying 100mbit cable was "coming soon" since the mid 90's over her in the uk :)

I do however believe they are very close to offering it (say 6-12 months) based on the very enthusiastic "oh yes!" when I asked about it before signing up.


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I think Virgin are going to be taking cable in the right direction at last. Telewest did a good job of providing stability, and NTL did a good job of delivering nothing but false promises, perhaps we'll see cable overtake DSL at last... or at least I hope so.

I also hope that my town becomes cable enabled soon :D

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Not bad, the missus is on Virgin now (I guess?) - I suspect its only good in central London though?

Or at least near the isle of dogs.
My folks are on virgin (used to be telewest) they've never had a problem. Had the same IP for ages too though they don't get a static IP.

My virgin install date is March 9 for all 3 services. I'll let you know how things go :)


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100Mb is currently on trial

You may see 20Mb being offered soon maybe even 50Mb

Don't hold your breath for 100Mb!!!

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