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Video Problem, what do I do

I have a basic HP Laptop, 512 mb RAM, 60 gig HD, 64mb IGP 345m radeon graphics card. When I play certain games (ie. Need for Speed, Underground), It is very slow, and now Its doing this wierd thing where in the middle Of a game My screen turns blue with a bunch of numbers, and then my system shuts down. Says something about a "minidump" Is there a way I can make my game run better.:confused:
1) Laptops aren't designed for gaming (or upgrading) so you won't be able to get much improvement from the hardware. You can reduce graphics resolution (1024 down to 800) and quality (turn off lighting, shadows, etc) to improve the speed.

2) The Laptop may be overheating causing the blue sceen. You can post the minidump here and someone will look at it and can tell you which hardware is failing.

There are Laptop cooling cradles with fans in them if it is a heat issue. Not sure what they cost. Do a google on "laptop coolers". Cheap version of this is when gaming put the laptop on a plastic or metal table top not on a bunk or in your lap. The laptops dump their heat through the bottomof the case.
1) ok first the blue screen only flashes for a fraction of a sec so I dont know what the minidump is. Where do I get that Info.

2) I play games like Unreal tournament 2004, and Quake 3, and they run fine.

3) And last, I have a turntable under my laptop that allows cool air to get under the computer, is that good enough?
1). Odd blue screens usually stick around until you hit continue. You may have it set to "automatically continue on error". I'm not sure where that windows setting is though. The dump file should be on your hard disk. Check the root directory and the windows directory for log files. Also look in the bios I there is a setting called "restart on failure" or something similar. Set that to not restart so you can do trouble shooting.

2) If UT 2004 works then need for speed should too. UT2004 automatically detects the performance of your machine and sets the video quality accordingly. Try reducing the quality settings in need for speed.

3). After the blue screen goes away does it reboot or go to the desktop? If desktop the temperature is ok. As for the turntable it's ok.

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