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Ok, i have a few .avi files that i want to put on to a cd, primarily for storage not for viewing. I dont have a dvd-rw so i am limited to 700MB;

for the sake of easier understanding here is an example.

video.avi is 803.2MB the maximum available on my cd-r is 700MB; i need to compress the video.avi file by at least 103.2MB so it can fit onto a cd-r.

Is there any software available for OSX that can allow me to compress this much? im not asking for a compression utility to compress it to a viewable format, but a storage format. (e.g. .sit / .zip / .rar) however zipping doesnt give the neccessary compression?


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Lee said:
win ace can compress files (certain ones) to a very small size, it compressed some plugins I have from 120 megs down to 5 megs. It works well on some files and bad on others.

Try this it got a download for it too.
It's in the mac section, he asked for an OSX app, and also said he doesn't want a file compression utility.

NetRyder said:
Damnit...I could have sworn 7zip was cross-platform. Apparently not.
I would of thought it was being o/s, guess not though :)
In 10.3 you can right-click > zip stuff up anyway, and then there's StuffIt, and probably command line stuff for GZip etc :)


I may actually be insane.
Probably not, compressed video won't compress any further, the different algorithms of data/file compression will only give you another ~10mb of size reduction.


I may actually be insane.
WAV is raw though, so it will compress better (the data equiv of making it an mp3/mp4) however avi is just a container, so if it contains compressed audio and video, it wont work, if it contains something like raw mpeg and wav audio.. then you could compress it down.

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