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"Verizon Wireless" Text Banner


OSNN One Post Wonder
A while ago I removed the "Verizon Wireless" text banner from the screens on my phone, but since I updated to .04 it seems that the text only disappears if the service is [1X] (it could have ocurred before too, I just didn't notice). But anyways, I just want to put the text back cause I hate having that empty black bar some of the time now. So can someone post a screenshot of the seem so I can see where the text is supposed to go? I did a reformat and the computer backup didn't go as planned :dead:

[edit]Apparently someone else had this happen when they updated to .04 as well (I don't know if they hacked it though). Anyone not remove the text and still have the "Verizon Wireless" disappear in a [1X] area?


OSNN One Post Wonder
I made this mod to my phone while traveling and it worked great, but now that I'm back home in a 1X area, my banner is gone.
I restored the orginal seem for this but my banner is still gone, can anyone tell me how to get fix this?


OSNN One Post Wonder

I have another question: I've been trying to change my LCD background and I've read about how to do it, but I can't get bitpim or p2kman to connect to my phone correctly. I can't get a program to browse my phone and let me find the verizon.gif.
The phone works fine with the Moto Phone tools (event he multimedia suite) and I can seem edit with pk2seem, but I can't get connected with bitpim.

Any ideas?

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