Venice in MSPaint


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Proof that you don't need fancy tools to do kickass work. That's seriously amazing. :)
this is indeed amazing.
but.. this guy is either suffering from blog clots in his legs, dehydration, and/or malnutrition.

How do we know he did it in MSpaint? Do we just believe him?

Doesn't MSPaint lack a descent undo/redo function?


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If someone says they did it in msPaint, and then it is found out that they did not, it could be an entire hit against them for lying blah blah blah. Besides, if we wanted we could probably get him to upload the original BMP which could be checked, as ms paint writes the data to the file in a certain way compared to other programs.

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this is indeed amazing.
but.. this guy is either suffering from blog clots in his legs, dehydration, and/or malnutrition.
It took 500 hours in total,you silly boy not in one go. Always one isn't there? :rolleyes: :laugh:

to all of you i can not say anything else but thank you very very much i very appreciated your comments it makes me feel awesome so i decided to show you how i actually did this powerdraw , this is the first i would say 8 hours i worked on the drawing i used the whole day no break

a little about myself i was noticed very skilled at the age of 5 all the teachers were impressed by my drawing skill and eversince till college no wonder i was always well known for this i guess i was somehow born to draw hehe

i turned myself into a graphist designer because i figured out that you cant no longer lived with a pencil ( own opinion)



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You are very talented no matter how you did it. Simply beautiful!
love to see more!
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