uxtheme patcher



hi, i just bought a presario2100, like to know if i can use the patcher on it? thanks


nobody? at least anyone knows where canfind info about if i can use the patch or not, thanks


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The computer your using wont make any difference as its the version of Windows you use on it that will be patched.

If you are using Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home or Windows Server 2003 you will be able to patch the uxtheme.dll using apps off the internet.


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UXTheme Patcher For ServicePack One

as long as you have SP1 installed our patch will work fine


tip ~ before your reboot wait for the unrecognized file warning to pop up



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I know I'm gonna get slapped around a bit for this, but I'm tired of seeing the same outdated patcher (which is still a 404 page) being passed on, especially with it's known problems. There have been two revisions since the original post.

Do a search, there are multiple threads in here regarding the uxtheme.dll patcher. Alternate links to the NTFS patcher are available within.

There are more recent versions available. If you experience problems with the original, this is an alternative.

NOTE: If you've already applied a patch, you must revert back to the original uxtheme.dll if you attempt a different patcher. Also, there is no guarantee that the newer version is problem-free.


thanks, for the answers. the reason i was askin was cause i remember reading somewhere that if the pc is an oem version or something like this the patch will not work......i have the patcher and have used in my others pc's and no problem so far.........i try the patcher from another site (neowin) but it didnt work so i use the one fronm here and works like qa charm.....well thkz i'm gonna use it in the laptop now bye


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our patcher from here works on OEM copies (Henyman informed me of this :D )

Lighter, what problems? (Other than the 404)


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Originally posted by Lighter
I know I'm gonna get slapped around a bit for this, but I'm tired of seeing the same outdated patcher (which is still a 404 page)
oop's sorry about that
shoulda checked the link first before posting
my mistake


here's the UXTheme Patcher

before this will work you'll have to delete the UXTheme.bak file


ok i will try your suggestion and see what happens

i notice this: when i patch it , i wait for the file protection message but it never pops up, any ideas why?


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double check that the file "UXTheme.bak " has been deleted
drag the UXTheme Patcher GUI to the side of the screen
the file protection message is hidden behind the patcher's GUI

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