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Is any one experiencing any problems with Utorrent. I tried 1.3 and auto matically upgraded to 1.4. Now whatever torrent client i use max download for anything is 24kb/s, if i open two it is 24kb/s between them. Any ideas if Utorrent can configure something like this on is own?? or how to get around it.

I have 2meg connection with no problems before installing Utorrent.


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What other torrent clients do you have ?? Are the running at the same time ?? is you max download set to 24K; go to tools/network to find out. If it is set to a 24k limit change it to 0, that will make it unlimited. Then set the max upload to 10. That should give you good speed.

Another thing, check tools/torrents and see what the max active download, and active torrents is. I have mine set with max torrents being 10, and max downloads are set to 2.


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I don't use uTorrent so I could be wrong, but I believe in the latest version your download speed is dependent on your upload speed. ie. If your upload speed is set too low (whatever arbitrary number that is) then uTorrent will set a max download speed.

If you use emule this will be familiar.

EDIT: http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_does_Download_Limited_in_the_status_bar_mean.3F
Do you have your upload speed set to 4kbs?

Increasing your upload speed to 6kbs or over will remove this limit.

(Increasing your upload speed, in general, to around 75% of your total upload should result in increased download performance. This is always dependent on the number of seeds and peers in the swarm but you should notice higher download speeds with the majority of torrents.)
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No upload speed is set at 18kb/s and once i have finished downloading it increases to full speed. What ever it is it is affecting the Bit Tornado as well.
How do i do that? I think it maybe something to do with my router as even if i download somethiing from the net it will start at about 50kb/s then come down to 21-24kb/s.


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At the bottom of uTorrent see if it says Network OK. It it doesn't then you have a firewall error. You'll need to forward a port from the router to your local machine and set that port in uTorrent.
i have check the firewall settings and everything seems to be ok, open ports and such but still only 21-22 kb/s download on shadows bittorrent as well. will maybe reset whole router tomorrow and see what happens. even on both laptops thru wireless connection the download limit is low 20's.


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Wait, are you saying even your internet speed is restricted?

Grab a reasonable sized file (50mb or larger) preferably from somewhere local (if your ISP has it's own file server, use that) and see what average speed you get.

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