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UT movie & ASF recorder

Hey Waddy did actually try and record the UT demo movie you posted on the front page?

I tried using the the recorder by typing in the url, which by the way starts with an 'mm://' and the traditional 'http://', anyhow I recieved a '404-object not found' error. Not having used the ASF recorder before I'm assuming that the 'mm://' is not recogonized by the recorder or perhaps in this case the stream is protected, therefore not recordible.

Please confirm if I'm doing something wrong or if you simply fauxpared :D

Rock On!!!:cool:



Hrmm...I've used ASFRecorder a fair amount before and I'm coming up with the same 404 error, which I find a bit odd because if you paste that address into IE, media player opens right up and the stream starts. I'm sure there's a way to record that stream, but it beats me if I know how...
Just needed the confirmation that it wasn't anything that I was doing wrong.

Lately as with the Spiderman, and Star Wars trailers, I've found that I have been able to save these streams without any third party software.

So when you posted the article about UT 2k3 I assumed that the ASFrecorder was a must because you needed to use it.

Oh well maybe someone will read this thread and fugure it out!

Rock On!!!:cool:



Hi Guys,

Geez I have no idea why that one wont record, i get the same 404 also

They may have some new kind of protection on it

Im not sure

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Excellent work o_87, I said it that someone will read the thread and have a solution. Many thanks!!!

Rock On!!!:cool:


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