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Lately Gsurface from Flexbeta.net has been submitting a lot of news but doens't supply the original source.

I PM'd him tonight (ep's request) and told him, quite sternly :p , if he doesn't supply the original source his submission will be deleted. He will be sourced (of course) but he has to include the original souce. We check all submitted news to make sure it's valid but we don't have time to hunt down the source if it's not included.

So...if you see any news submitted by Gsurface from Flexbeta.net and he doesn't inclue the original source, delete it :)


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Originally posted by NetRyder

Everytime I open a submitted news link, I get the invalid link since it's already been posted :p
Now a days it's most likely been deleted since Gsurface submits sh!t


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He replied: No, Sorry i didn't get your pm, but Ill be sure to tell my newsposter. Sorry for any inconvinience. Take care

He's also giving a link to the original source now :D

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