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User having trouble

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
I recieved this email from gothic.

I am having to log onto the forums for EVERY page/thread I view, and am
unable to post new threads. Within a 14 minute period I have had to log onto the site no less that nine times without ever having logged out!!
Is this my problem?? perhaps I am doing something wrong, like visiting the wrong site maybe!?! Or perhaps it's a minor glitch with the new site?

I am also unable to post, it says I am not logged on.

Any information would be appreciated.


Beware the G-Man
Political User
It almost sounds like a browser problem.

If the cookie/cookies is/are getting cleared then he will have to log in again.
Maybe why he can not post. :confused:

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Does sound like a user issue, tell him to check his options and make sure that he is browsing the forums with cookies...

can't reitterate enough that the forum code has not been changed at all since the site came online again.
tell him to open a new IE window and try again...

it is mainly caused when you click a link from another site and then a new IE window opens up with the site you were linked from's banner at the top and the site in a frame... - fuks with the cookies, doens't read from them - pretty shitty if you ask me :(

Hope u understood that :D



Beware the G-Man
Political User
Yeah cause ya got a virgin IE window with no cookies 'n milk. :p

But if he's just clickin on Forum pages it should not do that... Maybe he has the browser configured so it opens a new window every time he clicks/views something. That might cause it, every new window is cookieless maybe???

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