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Usb Omg!!!!


Nissan Powered
Now that I got your attention I need to know how to share the internet using a USB cable or if it’s even possible.

Do I need to bridge my 1394 connection to my nic or how does it work?


NTFS Stoner
from what i gatherd, you need a usb networking kit thingy with a dongle in the middle to make the network for ICS to work.
no chance of using a couple of cheap NIC's ?


Nissan Powered
or if I had just a normal usb cable could I move files over to another computer? doesn't have to be able to share the net just move the files.


NTFS Stoner
usb on its own don't suport networking, the few google FAQ's i found all had a dongle box from a usb network kit. its easier doing a direct connection for a few simple file shares, but i think you need a paralell cable to do that.

USB network kits cost about £30, 2 NIC's and a crossover cable will cost about £20 -£25


Nissan Powered
its for a laptop so hauling around a crossover and an extra nic just isn't a real viable option and I can't just pop open peoples computers and say hey I need to put this in here to do what I need to do.

so what your saying is I need a special USB cable with a box that tells it to be a network cable?
a cat 5 crossover cable to directly connect to anouther pc, or unless you wanted this as a thing that would not move then you can buy a router that has a USB net connection
search for an amercian computer site that has USB netowrk hardware, i am looking in canadian sites because it will be about half price but might take a little longer to get to you LOL concerding canadian dollers are worht about as much as sand so


Nissan Powered
haha well SOB I click your link and get this msg

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