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USB 3.0 Spec now official.


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I had just assumed this: It was going to be faster, and better. Not much else we really need to know :)


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.... anybody else find it funny how our transfer speeds for USB devices are starting to surpass the transfer speeds of the hard drives where the data is usually transferred to/from?


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honestly.... i get the feeling that by the time SSD takes off.... we'll have USB 4.0. Either that, or USB will flat out be ditched for some other port.
Well apparently normal drives can barely keep up with 1.5GBps SATA, the new SATA 3.0 is 6GBps which can only be saturated by SSD's. Hopefully as sizes and manufacturing processes improve we'll see them in more and more places. Still don't see them too often in desktops or servers mind. SAS drives seem to be all the rage now, replacing raptor drives which used to be the thing people wanted for really fast disk reads.

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