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I need to change the HSF of my current Athlon XP machine, but just realised that the new HSF is much heavier than the HSF I previously had. The new one is a Thermaltake Volcano 12 and weighs about 710g. Need to know whether the motherboard can take such a heavy load on the ZIF socket or will I need one of those retention brackets for it? The HSF doesn't seem to have any support for retention brackets. I can only see the clips that clip on to the side of the ZIF socket.

What should I do??

Edit: Fitted it on and hopefully it won't rip the whole socket off. :)
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do you go to lan parties or generally move your case around a lot? if not, i would say you're okay.

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well, I've changed it over to the new hsf and the thing is like a brick hanging off a thread. machine is all quiet and the cpu is very cool. :)
That's 50% over the weight standard. Do not knock it about or bounce it off the desk when moving the case around. It will probably hodl on ok as long as it is a three hole clip. If it is 1 hole DO NOT USE IT!
its will be fine. as long as the system does not oer heat at all. or as long as its a good well made motherboard with a GOOD CPU socket on it. ECS nad MSI have known issues with that at work. but i would not do that if i had an ECS board
I must say that even if you go quite often to LAN parties with such a heavy CPU HS, it won't matter, as long as you don't make brusque movements. If you handle the transport with the necessary care, it really won't have noticeable negative effects! ;)

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