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Urgent help needed.


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I've got a problem with booting my pc after I rearranged the partitions and formatting the drive.
The machine now boots from Network or at least tries to boot from network and I can't get the thing to boot from the Hard Drive. I've not touched the BIOS in the 2-3 years that I've had this machine and this is the first time it's happened to me.

Does anyone know where the problem may lie?


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arghhh.. I'm soooo stupid.
I think I found the problem now... Think I forgot to set the primary partition to Active. :blush: hehehe


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RickyC said:
Have you tried installing your OS from CD yet?
Yeah, spent an hour trying everything out... but it didn't bother looking at the HD. I think I've got it now after accidentally seeing "Set Active Partition" when running FDisk. :p

I'll update in 10mins after I've finished with Ghost restore again.
Urk. I've only had that error once. Which was when I'd installed windows on my brother's HD on this pc, and then took it through to his and just hoped it would work. I never found a way to sort it, there are guides to it if you google though
Set your CDROM drive as the first boot device in the bios, then install your OS from CD. When the puter reboots, go into the bios and change it back to normal. Should sort the problem out.

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