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upload_max_filesize setting


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
What are the reasons for this seemingly quite low default setting of 2MB and negative possible consequences for raising the limit?

I'm enjoying my Chyrp! blogging but have found this restricts me blogging my upcoming concert with the 136MB MP3 file! Yet I can quite happily FTP and host the file that way.... I'm pretty sure I COULD work around the issue - but the default Chyrp feather uses the upload function.

This is my not so subtle way of seeing if Lord wants to up the limit as he does my hosting :lick: (thankyou thankyou!). I genuinely do want to understand the issue though, and am not entirely serious about wanting to assault my innocent blog readers with Elgars Dream of Gerontius! :speechless:


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The upload size is set to a small limit because each time that someone uploads a file, the file is saved to a temporary location, and the PHP process has to spend time writing the file to disk, thereby having a long running HTTP connection, something the web server was not designed to do in the first place.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Thanks for the explanation X - makes sense. I guess that is a no then Lord... ;) I can live with 2MB but would have quite liked 4.... I'll be off to see the way to frig Chyrp to work around this now I think.... Pretty sure it'll be a simple database poke....
HTTP/PHP are not for large files :) Lazy or not it uses more resources than necessary to do a job that FTP, SFTP and SCP were designed for :)

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