Upgrade plans [ ? ]


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Long time ago since that post , some people made or will make and upgrade , let's hear ..

Me . . .
Friday I'll get an Gf4
This summer I'd like also to swich my case


most definitely a new case for me. right now i have everything crammed into a mini-tower and it just doesn't cut it. new processor would be nice, but that's just wishful thinking. ;)


Most definately a new hard drive...my old back up died. Also, a new video card would be awesome. Maybe some Arctic Silver 3 and a Super heat pipe? /me drools
I'm thinking about getting a new video card. I am considering a GeForce 4 Ti4200, or maybe even a Ti4600. I want to run the games at 1024x768 with all graphical enhancements available, like 4x anti-aliasing, and keep a framerate of 60 or above. I'm wondering if my CPU might hold me back if I upgraded though. So, I'm not sure if I will. :-/


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eck, your 800mhz p3 will certainly be the bottleneck if you upgrade your video card at all. i'm certain even if you just upgraded your processor right now that you'd see a decent amount of improvment in framerates and such. especially with newer games like dungeon siege. this was true with me when i upgraded from 800mhz to 1.4ghz.

as for me, i keep thinking about a ti 4200 64mb and overclocking the hell out of it. but then i'd feel compelled to buy a new power supply. and spending that much on my aging sdram system just doesn't seem wise.

so i'm going to leave everything as-is and buy a whole new system some day. more fun that way, anyway. }:>
I've been wanting to get a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM, but my dad says "I don't want you to waste your money. What you have is still good." Oh well.


RAM is never a waste of money... u can always transfer that into ur new system.

Despite what everyone thinks, the cost of DDR doesn't make the 10% improvement a good investment. I prefer to get large amounts of cheap SDRAM... i currently have 1.5gig of PC133 in my system tad overkill but you notice the difference when u play games not to mention WinXP loaded completely into memory rocks =)


Pffttt... as if stay Pentium if ur upgrading... Pentiums did it right for the 3's and Celerons (except the new gen) but if ur going past 1ghz either get a duron or a athlon xp (mebbe even one of the old school athlon tbirds)

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