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Updating BIOS

ok i went to http://www.phoenix.com/en/Home/default.htm, but couldn't find anything on updating the BIOS..except for a link to http://www.esupport.com/region.cfm?refererid=29, which asks me to fill out all this stuff so i can wait 24 hours for someone to contact me..i don't know if im doing it right but i filled it out and no one has contacted me with bios updates. so i was wondering where i can find the update for my BIOS, i have a nforce 4 board with the phoneix - awardbios...can anyone help?


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Like VenomXT, you will have to post your motherboard maker, model, revision numbers. Your BIOS update will be found within your motherboard makers website, not at the phoenix website. Phoenix makes the BIOS, but the motherboard makers take the BIOS and make it conform to their own products.

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the maker is BFG..they only have one motherboard and nothing on their site says anything about a BIOS update...maybe they just didn't release one yet?


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Hey one.123,

Okay that's a start, it's a BFG board. Is it a NForce4 Ultra. Maybe they have no updated BIOS revisions for this board. If they got nothing on the parent site, they should have a toll free number. Ask them if your revision is the latest one.

On a side note, is there a reason why you a BIOS revision? If everything is working fine, I personally would not do a BIOS update, because it is not needed if everything is okay. Maybe if there is a situation you need resolved, maybe we can help you out here before you move to other answers.



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one.123, BFG makes this only board. If you need a BIOS revision because of SATA 2 RAID 0 setup problems, then you actually do phone their toll free number where they actually email you the link to thier BIOS update website. The RAID issue is the only thing that I found that was a problem with the original BIOS.

Hope this helps,

how can i check my BIOS ver.? and heeter do you have this board? i am having hdd problems, do they actually say something about it on their site?
Like Heeter suggested I wouldn't recommend flashing your BIOS if everything is working. You could end up with a unstable machine that before ran rock solid.


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My friend was having some speed problems on her laptop and I couldnt find any spyware/viruses, everything was updated, but nothing. I flashed the BIOS on her laptop and it was like a whole new computer. I dont understand it but it fixed whatever was wrong
You can flash from a CD but it has to be a bootable CD and your bios settings have to be changed so the CD drive is your first boot device. You should also make a backup copy of your old bios in case the new one is unstale.

"Flash" is slang for burning a new bios update into your motherboard. The mother board stores the bios in a chip called a "Flash ROM". Thus the slang name.

WARNING! Read the manufacturers web sites. You only flash if the new bios fixes a specific problem that you are encountering. If you are doing this because ti sounds cool or somebody said it was the thing to do without explaining why STOP.

Bios updates can ruin your computer if done wrong, or if power drops off during the flash, or if you get the wrong new bios, or if you don't know how to setup your new bios correctly for your system.

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