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Update On Me

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I haven't posted here in a while. Someone beat my score on Breakout. I met a really hot chick on myspace who I am seeing now. My web portal is seeing some real visitorship now.

Drop me a line.

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OSNN One Post Wonder
Don't assume I'm a spammer

I don't really post here that often becuase there are only a few topics I follow here. I don't want to get deleted for being inactive in the board. I have a forum of my own I delete users that don't post for months or never post at all. I assume that most forums are the same.

The myspace thing isn't a plug. If you read my blog you would know that I really did hook up with a hot chick on Myspace. We met in person two weeks ago. I'm going to see her this today.

As for the information on the web portal. It represents some hours of work some planning so it is important to me.

Sorry you don't think community members are important.

People thought I was a spammer when Introduced myself too.

Sharing a link to your website is hardly spam. Link drops are spam but it's not spam when you are actually posting something usefull.

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OSNN One Post Wonder

Bman™ said:
sry, but this really seems dum to me
I got a lot of crap when I introduced myself too. Read the introductions thread you'll understand why I posted that here.

You have to read the original post to get it.

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