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Unlimited broadband

In a month or so I move into a broadband enabled area so I am looking for providers. I am with Tiscali dialup at the mo. I wouldnt be bothered looking around coz the package 'looks' good, unlimited access at 512k for 24.99, but they recently p*ssd me off recently (another story). The top and bottom of it is I am looking for a similer package for 25quid or less. AOL does one but does it come with all the baggage like it did umpteen years ago?
Any ideas?
What do you use?


AOL offers unlimited bandwidth.
The others cap it.

That is for the UK.

AOL offers free telephone support.
The other vary from 25p per minute to £1.50 per minute.

AOL do direct debit payments.
Some of the others do, but mostly by credit card (which adds interest to payments in some cases).

Uptime you ask, well it's always connected, unless you switch off, loggoff, reboot or turn off your PC.

I had a couple of problems with AOL, not had one now for 7 months.

I don't fancy sitting on a telephone line paying around 75p per minute listening to some lamer trying to correct an error I got, when I can get the same lamer for free :)


Well you just use it to logon minimise it and use everything else as per normal. Upto version 8 you can use aol hider which will make aol minimise and disapear and continue as normal also.

In the zip I give you aol hider and aol speed. They work upto aol 8.
Aol hider, hides aol, aol speed changes a .dll file to stop the continual caching aol does and speeds it up.

Install them when you're not using aol.

Ahh I forgot to add on aol 9 they have included a dialer. You just use the dialer, like you did with dial up and then use as normal. I can't get aol 9 working so I still use 8, if you get problems with 9 then use the utilities I included and stick with 8.


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Lee said:
Ahh I forgot to add on aol 9 they have included a dialer. You just use the dialer, like you did with dial up and then use as normal. I can't get aol 9 working so I still use 8, if you get problems with 9 then use the utilities I included and stick with 8.
Nice to see aol have finally got their software right :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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I recommend Zen, Nildram or Eclipse for broadband...stay clear of BT, their technical support is pretty bad at times.

Eclipse offer a special 'boost' option, when you want to push 512 up to 1mbps for an hour or so. They just charge you by the minute, so it's kinda useful if you want to download larger files.


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No problems to date with AOL9 - u dont even have to be logged on via AOL to use IE, Hotmail etc - infact my kids computers both have AOL on, but have never used it.


Blueyonder is cable, if you don't have cable you can't use it.

Did they take of cash also?

AOL did!


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He asked for broadband providers...Blueyonder provide broadband. Cable/ASDL...whatever.

Sorry...dont understand your question. :(


The 'did they take of cash'?

Ohh AOL gave us all a discount, in various amounts, based on your connection speeds.


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i still love my cable company. had Cable for 2... maybe 3 years.... was at like 512K. now, in i'd say the past 4 months... they upgraded to a max speed of 3Mbps. and the best part is.... their existing customers got the upgrades for nothing, so we're still paying the same amount for the 3Mbps as we were for the 512K as far as i know. at least my mom hasn't started b*tching about a higher cable bill yet. :-/

and just so you know, it's like a pretty heavily local provider. i think they only have service in... like MAYBE half of Pennsylvania...


You don't live in our free, democratic, dynamic, finger on the pulse of the latest ICT countries that make up the UK! :p

When I read 62 hours ago, they transfered in moments enough data that would take 82 years via dial-up, from 1 county 2 another, we sure have that TECHNOLOGY! :p


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uhm.... wasn't that when they were using a whole schmidtload of fibre-optic lines to transfer it? if so.... i'd love to see someone hook that up in your house. your basement would be either a) filled with cables, or b) filled with enough flashes of light to give you laser vision correction or make your vision worse/blind you.
and there is a faster way to transfer data to someone... it's called give a copy of 4.7GB of data that you already have copied to DVD to a friend down the street. See, 4.7GB transferred in moments. :p The Rebirth of Sneakernet. Muaf


Uk in my sarcasm is very slow on the uptake on giving us super fast speeds that USA can achieve.

We are a very small country, they seem to 'nanny' us and trying to get anything is more than the governments jobsworth.

I look forward to 10 meg speeds, I doubt in my lifetime though.

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