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uninstalling video card program



if i uninstall the video card program will the video card stil work? if i uninstall the drivers? cuz i want to unstall it b4 i install the new one, thx for help!

Shamus MacNoob

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you want to change cards? ......... I am not sure what your asking if you remove a card and install a new one you will boot up in a almost safe mode like desktop and then you can install the new drivers for your new card, like me for example I had a video card that was part of the main board what I had to do was disable the on board video card in device manager because part of what the main board uses is no longer needed when I am using my new video card, can you be more specific in your question like what are you using now? what are you going to install? is the one your using part of the mainboard? or are they both plug in cards ..........


i'm just asking will it be okay if i unstall the old drivers, switch the cards, and install the new ones?


Beware the G-Man
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To install another vid card you first go into the vid properties. Right click on desktop>properties>settings>advanced properties.
Change adapter to standard VGA then uninstall all progs & drivers associated with the video card. Shut down completely. Take out your old card insert the new one. Boot the system, Win XP will say that it has detected a new device etc... If you want to use the generic XP drivers let it install them, if XP does not recognize the card it will set it up as standard VGA. It will want to reboot, let it. Once the system boots up install the drivers that came with the vid card if you want all the bells and whistles that came with the card. Then reboot.

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