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Unbelievable customer comments!!


OSNN Addict
We've just had a conversation with one of customer regarding a password reset, goes something like this:

Coversation between ICTS Technician & customer on Monday 5th August 2002

Technician:- I have reset your password to MONDAY. You'll be prompted to enter a new password when you next logon.

Customer:- What this monday or next monday????

Technician:- ??????????????

*Possibly the BEST thing heard all year!!*


OSNN Addict
Anyone else had bizarre responses from customers?? We're supporting 3500 users, all of them with the same IQ!!! Help!!!

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Maybe a common good one:

How many times did I ask customers to turn off the computer and then to switch it back on, to hear them say "it's still the same thing, nothing's changed..."

What they understand is that I ask them to turn off the screen as if it would change anything to their problems...

I know it isn't their main interest to know how a computer works, but people don't have to be this stupid !


Secret Goat Fetish
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a lot of the time u get told "restart ur computer" just 2 buy some time, 1 convo i had i restarted bout 10 times,+ he still didn't fix the problem.


This is not to do with computers but it was great. The Commonwealth bank rang me trying to sell life insurance. In 1998 I changed my surname. His response after this was "is your address still the same." Which I replied to "yes." He then came up with " and is your date of birth still the same."

Whoi can beat that one for stupidity.

Perris Calderon

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my dad has an anyique store, and people that visit frequently will almost always ask;

"Do you have anything new to show me?"


Service calls

I know what you mean about supporting new users.
A customer gets on the phone to complain about his new machine.
"It doesn't work," he says. "I spent all this money and you sold me a machine that doesn't even turn on."
I asked him the routine questions; did you hook everything up right, is the monitor plugged in?
At this he exclaimed "What do you think, that I'm stupid?!!!" "Of course I plugged it in!!!"
"So, did you turn the switch on the monitor to 'on'?" I continued.

"There's a switch on the monitor???" was his encredulous reply.


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