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UK Image Modification

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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This is a cool image, but is on a whitebackground, the rest of the theme for the monitoring tools I am working on is black. Negative image makes the UK purple and I would really like it to be royal blue or something business like that will NOT clash with green.

Appreciate any help you guys can give as I am stuck with paint.exe

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Lee, I will rename the imaget to Great Britain then :)

PK: Looking good, but looks a little illuminous :), also the white border needs to go,
use the blue that you see on this page as a reference... ie the one that appears in quick reply title box (navy blue if you will)

We don't need Ireland because at the moment we don't monitor it, tho eventually we might do as well as some sites in Oz, Cypress etc.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Will give it a go.
Just changed the main image to an activedirectory section, looking a little more polished.

Will post images of how it looks as a purple image and how your one looks :)
The entire screen that is.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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wah! tis starting to look a little slinky :)
The problem I have is that the image I posted above is actually on a rather large plasma screen, so has to look neat and tidy at high zoom levels :)


what are the zoom max and min ... then I could be sure how it will look.

BTW I think the white outer glow looks nice... also keeps the image from looking to dark.

Does it have to be this blue color??

And unless you increase my upload limit, I am going to have to delete these image soon. 400k an image in filling up fast :D

and I havent even had my coffee yet...

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I have had 3 coffees, not that instant crap either ;)
The reason it is blue is because that is the company colour.
Tbh, the purple looks very nice, anyway, you can just fiddle with the colour settings? I dunno :)

The resolution we are using is a widescreen varient of 1024x768. I think the image is at 100% maybe, Whatsupgold may have distorted it. The screenshots of it I posted were at 100% - ie I didn't resize the images.
if you want it to look good at higher res then using something like an SVG file would be better, but I have nowhere near the skills needed to make an SVG version of the UK

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