uh oh - lost DVD and CD


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OK - I have to be honest right up front - I did something pretty stupid (I know that now). I tried to upgrade the firmware in my DVD R/W with a flash and it failed.

Afterwards I found I had lost both the DVD and my CD R/W - ouch!

I have since unplugged power and IDE ribbon from my DVD to try to restore CD, but it is disabled by device manager and cannot re-enable (code 26). The CD was master and DVD was slave (now unplugged).

I have found manufacturers firmware online for DVD and may later try that as last resort (it's a BTC dual 1004IE) - the CD was an optiwrite.

Have I ended up with two very expensive paperweights? Or is there any hope for me?


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my cdrw was playing up........so as a last resort i updated the firmwear................. it total screwed it :(


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
phew - CD back!

phew - two reboots and a reinstall later - I have my CD back at least I may be down to just one paperweight.... now I guess I gotta try manufacturers flash on the DVD - anyone think I have a hope of reviving it? I'd never even had a chance to use it either :eek:

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C'ant be worse than it is now , I would give it a go but I know I had a burner was an Optorite and I flashed the firmware and it was never the same after I tried to find the original firmware for it but never did , I was not impressed with the optorite and I had always used Lite-On before that , I went back to Lite-On and thats all I will use from now on :)

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