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Ubuntu CD's have arrived :/


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vern said:
How long ago did you order them? They must have gone through Antartica before getting to you.

These are the latest, i must have ordered them at least 6 - 7 months ago. After i had orderedm y first bunch of the older version. It seems i mistyped a number though.

They went through the Netherlands for some odd reason. It did take long though yes.
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Do note: I did not order this many in the shipping system, i believe it was a mistake. They said shipping systems was changed so maybe that is the problem.


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VenomXt said:
hehe i used ubunto for awhile on a 3rd machine. not to bad. hehe sell them.. or have some cool coasters. hehe
he cant sell them they are FREE!!

you can download it if you have the patience!


Well, maybe his cost something because his have the extra utilities.. I dunno


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Geffy said:
and you are still using that nice Jennifer O'Dell wallpaper that I used to have a sig of waaaay back when :p
Did not remember you having a sig of her. Grabbed this one from some wallpaper site that publishes all kinds of models and whatnot. Move her name to the bottom as well. It is the only picture that goos well with Xchat's see through background. Plus, she just looks so damn good :p

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