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Ubuntu 8.04 Final Boot issue

Hey everyone,

Recently installed Ubuntu using the webi installer, everything went ok. However how do i start Ubuntu? is there an icon on desktop (for virtualisation) or do i need to restart and boot? I installed it on my E Drive (8gb install) and when i chose ubuntu it says something about failed to recoginise...or boot then it presents me the ubuntu loading screen but nothing happens?

Do i need to partition E drive and format a section in a linux format or can i run it virtually? if so how?

Also i'd rather not use Live CD.

Any help would be great.



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I tried the Wubi installer in Beta. I just installed it using Windows. After rebooting, you get a little menu to boot Ubuntu. You don't need a separate partition or anything. I believe the installer creates a block on your NTFS drive that is used as your Ubuntu partition. After booting into Ubuntu, it will continue the installation. It was rather painless for me. If you had trouble, you can uninstall it from Windows and install it agin.
When you boot your system the boot menu looked just like if I was dual-booting XP and another Windows OS. It defaulted to XP as my install if I didn't pick anything within 15 seconds, I believe, but otherwise I had the choice of booting into XP or Ubuntu.

I'm impressed by this method and once I've finished building a new system I plan on checking this out more.
I had the choice to boot into Vista or Ubuntu but chosing ubutnu created a failed.... something message at the top which was too quick to read then Ubuntu loading bar which didnt do anything
I had the choice to boot into Vista or Ubuntu but chosing ubutnu created a failed.... something message at the top which was too quick to read then Ubuntu loading bar which didnt do anything
That's not good. :(

I had no issues with installing the virtual image via wubi on my C drive alongside XP Pro.
Hmm i may just try installing it on same drive as Vista and see if that helps. Just didnt want to risk it. Also i'd like to note i had the same problem using the 8.04 Beta.
Ubuntu that installs from windows? This I gotta try. I'll do it on a seperate partition and get back and let you know how it works.
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slackware had a things where you could boot from windows to either a linux partition of folder on a fat32 partition back in the late 90's. Worked quite well.
Ubuntu that installs from windows? This I gotta try. I'll do it on a seperate partition and get back and let you know how it works.
You begin the install in Windows and then it reboots, boots into Ubuntu and finishes installing and then you reboot again if my memory is right. Once it's done then you can select either OS when booting your system.

It took a bit of time to install on my somewhat aging system but once it was done things ran smoothly. The uninstall process was via Add/Remove in Windows and it took maybe 30 seconds to uninstall it.
Kool. Just finished on my XP desktop onto partition E:. Flawless install. I'm in firefox in Ubuntu now. Neat feature was it worked with wubi and the Ubuntu 8.04 release already copied to a 1 GB thumb drive.

I ran Wubi, it found the iso on the thumb with it and auto installed. No Ubuntu download required.

I've been meaning to put Ubuntu on this machine for ages. Took me all of about 3 minutes of my time. :)

Next I'm sticking the my thumb (so to speak) in the laptop which is already Vista and XP dual boot. See what happens with that.

One quirk there is a file system error message at Ubuntu boot I haven't been able to read completely. No imapct on XP or Ubuntu operation though. May have to do with my Thumb drive which I left installed.
Reppies for all involved.

Installed fine on laptop too using the auto download. Placed it on my XP partition which is E:

Both computers are SATA drives. One AMD w/wired LAn the other Celeron M with wireless.

PS Gotta love Linux. When it booted it sent me to a Toshiba site to check if my laptop battery was on the recall list (it wasn't). Vista and XP never did that...
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I'm probably getting the same message as you LeeJend but ubuntu loading bar just sits there doing nothing
The drive I installed to was formatted NTFS and contained data already. Not much else I can think of to suggest. The message said something about running FDISK. I'll try and catch it on the next boot.

I checked and the message is gone since I removed the Thumb drive from my desktop. There never was a message on my laptop Wubi install.

My best guess is you are hanging on a driver install. Try downloading a different Ubuntu iso install package (there were several options on sourceforge) and put it in the same directory Wubi. Then just run Wubi. If you wre selecting a 64 bti version try it with a 32 bit version. There are still shortages of 64 Bit drivers.
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When you say thumbdrive you mean Pen stick? I havnt tried booting with my external HDD removed or my USB pen stick. N yeh Fdisk something is the message followed by unrecognised...then i cant read the rest. Currently trying the 32bit version. (I also have 32bit Vista)
Stop, before you try a different Ubuntu version!

I'll bet it is the external HD causing the problem. Unplug it and try and boot.

Disconnect anything else like webcams or Sd card readers, etc. plugged into USB also.

Never heard the name "pen stick" used. Thumb drive = USB flash memory stick.
Hey again,

Ok i disconnected my drives, and ubuntu booted up and continued install process. it restarted and now just display some error and restarting. Also ive noticed startin my PC upon the BIOS screen, it seems to take ages to kick in, and shutting down from Vista now takes ages aswell, i go to shutdown, it says shutting down. Hard drive powers down but my fans and PC lights stay on for bout 5mins then turn off. Sometimes a minute later starting up again by its own? Wats with that?
You Will Find Out That WUBI Beta Version is not compatable with Vista.
It works fine in windowsxp
Did you miss this post? The installs I did including the one on my the VISTA-XP-Ubuntu machine were done out of the XP partition.

It doesn't look like the wubi works with VISTA yet.

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