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UBS Flash Drives


Arte et Marte
I have a 512 Mb flash drive which I have used to transfer some files between various computers that have no 3.5" floppie drives. There is one file (or at least the icon) which refuses to budge when I try to delete all files (even when I try it on the original computer that the file came from).

I am tempted to format, but I seem to remember that the MP3 player I bought the missus stated that under no circumstances should a format be carried out on this type of drive (and they are similar devices for storing data)

Am I correct, and is there a way to get rid of this blasted file icon which re-appears every time I open the drive?

Many thanks


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I have a 128 mb flash drive and I format it back and forth all the time between being able to boot to it and regular storage so I don't see a problem with it


Arte et Marte
Just checked the booklet for the MP3 and it does say not to format, just delete files, so I assumed the flash drive would be the same as its a similar design to hold data.

Anyway, I thought i would try and go into properties and run an error check - hey presto, the little tinker has disappeared. I loaded another lot of data then deleted it and all seems fine now. Has anyone else heard of the no format instructions?

Thanks for you prompt response. :)


High On Life!
probably cuz it has the operating system of the mp3 player on it. so they dont want u to delete that or u wont be able to play ur mp3's
themafia_69 said:
probably cuz it has the operating system of the mp3 player on it. so they dont want u to delete that or u wont be able to play ur mp3's
Hopefully the "os" are in the chips of the player, but yes, there is probably something on the drive that they don't want you to accidentally remove.

Normal usb drives though, just format if you want to.


High On Life!
yeah actually i was wondering? i can format my usb stick to be ntfs right? but i know that would only make it usable on xp and 2000, but anyways thats the only 2 os' i care about cuz thats the only 2 that i use most of the time and detect the thing automatically (also win98se and me) but who uses me anyways HAHA


High On Life!
well the one i got is 1gb sandisk:D it should be arriving int he mail soon from my sister, damn usps, my sister payed 10 dollars (3. for shipping and 7 dollars for tracking) and every time since a week i try to enter the tracking number online it says there is no such tracking number! anways back on topic, a friend in school got a 2gb one from aramco, yeah aramco apparently throws these things out at their employees!
Format it. You are completely able to format a USB Flash Drive. I do it all the time and there's never a problem. Heck I've also washed the thing twice and it still works.

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