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tweak for hiberfil.sys on another drive?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Now at the moment I shut down with power off and just satisy myself with tweaking for a fast shutdown and reboot.... but I was thinking about hibernation since I use that on my less critical notebook.... OK call me paranoid, but I was thinking if I could have my hibernation file on my secondary (first line backup) HD I would have a warmer feeling.

But when I search the registry I comes up with nada - except exclusions for file from backup.

Anyone know of a tweak? I'm off to google but thought I would ask here too to share and because I know the answer is often here... :cool:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
'fraid netryder is correct Lee - in fact I had already seen that page on another matter (found the hiberfil was "in use" on another pooter when I tried to do something... :eek: )


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
full marks for trying - thanks, but this is still just a tweak to turn it off, at risk of repetition what I am after is to USE it BUT with the file on a different disc from Windoze (IE not my bootable HD) such that if things went phut I could, in theory, recover my drive contents an re-emerge from hibernation intact. A long shot I know, but maybe I was feeling ambitious in my tweaking today ;)

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