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Turning off Google Talk


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I really only checked into this for a few seconds, poked around in the options and didn't see anything.

When I login to GMAIL from work, it's not a big deal because I am accessing my e-mail. BUT, essentially it looks as if I am hammering trying to connect to the Google chat service, which it attempts to re-connect at an increasing interval, which shows up at the firewall :eek:

Anyone know how I can turn that darn thing off?


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Set yourself to offline, the next time you login to GMail you will remain offline.
This didn't work unfortunately. I put myself in offline mode when I left this morning, but it seems to kick you back into online next time you sign in.

Anyone else have suggestions?


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Not only did that work, but it also saved the preference when I logged out AND cleared cache, woo!

I feel a bit silly for not seeing that myself :p

Thanks a bunch man, reps+++


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Actually, I use google talk.. a friend of mine who has AIM, MSN, and Yahoo accounts but works at a place that blocks AIM and MSN and Yahoo.. but haven't blocked gtalk yet.. so I keep in touch with him during they day via GoogleTalk

edit: actually, to take it a little off topic, but since we have places to hold/display our IM info here on OSNN in our profiles, how difficult would it be to include a GTalk setting for IM? I think most people here have gmail accounts and, by association, also have gtalk accounts.

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