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Trying to Recover Disk Space


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I'm trying to clean up some space on my hard drive (particularly my C partition), and I've found some really weird things. My Documents and Settings folder is 9 gigs, and I don't store anything on my Desktop. Upon further inspection, I tracked down the "biggest" folder in that particular hierarchy.
In the
"C:\Documents and Settings\Apu\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft"
folder, there's a folder called "Messenger" (I'm using the latest WLM8 Beta btw). Now, when I look at the properties, it shows really weird info.
"Size: 8.02 GB (8,612,762,984 bytes)
Size on Disk: 26.0 MB (27,324,416 bytes)
Contains: 1,627 files, 11 folders"

The sheer difference in size started an alarm in my head. Then when I actually go in the folder, there's 1 other folder (named with my email address), and a "activesharingfolder.dat" file.
In the folder of my email, there's two other folders, "Contacts", which has two files in it, for a total of 4 megs, and a "Sharing Folders" folder which is empty.

I'm not sure what to do now. Can anyone recommend anything I can do to clear up some of the stuff in the Documents and Settings folder, as well as that weird anomaly?


Spacemonger Update: I looked at the hard drive using Spacemonger, and turns out there's hidden stuff in that folder which isn't even listed, even though I have showing hidden files enabled. The folder is called Shared Metadata. In this folder there is another folder called Working, and in this folder is the culprit. There's a file called SimilarityTable_2 which is 8 gigs. What the hell? :S
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chkdsk /f c: in the run box. Tye y when itasks to check on boot and reboot, check the folder again and let us know the results. Just to rule out one of the obvious options first.


Caffeine-->Code Converter
Did it, nothing has changed...Thanks for the suggestion though :)
I found out what it is though -_-, apparently lots of WLM users have had it. Google "sparse files" (no quotes of course) to find out why :p

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