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Trust Newegg's OEM products?


So I got scammed by someone on ebay. fun fun. trying to get it back through Paypal, but thats besides the point.

Right now im trying to get a hold of a processor and everywhere I look, the Athlon 64 3500+ winchester is out of stock, the only ones I can are OEM versions.

my question is:
Would you buy a OEM verison (from newegg) or should i just keep looking till i can find a retail version so i can get a hold of the 3 year warranty?


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Newegg is a nice place even for OEM, you can get the newegg warrenty for one year after your 30 day for OEM, I would go for it if you are going to over clock(viods warrenty anyway)


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Are you going to over clock or not? If so I would go with a higher RPM fan, if you are going to stay at a stock speed then just about anything will do(probably 10-20 bucks)

Try searching eBay for the stock AMD fanand heatsink. Mine works just fine, but I dont OC


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im running a 3200+ winchester core cpu, and i am using the xp-90, personally i think its the best bang for buck, its silent and does an extremely good job... it also cools the ram because it over hangs so its basically doing 2 things for the price of one :)

hope that helps..


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I always buy stuff from newegg as OEM. Makes my life easy, and second i have never had anything break in the 3 year period, ALWAYS after the 3 years warranty are up.

If you are overclocking get a nice big heatsink, with a nice big fan. I personally have a ThermalTake OverSizedJetLoudFan fixture :p.


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I would wait to get the retail version...the oem prices on processors aren't very much different and you would get the 3 year warranty for the processor just in case. also you can just pay the money for a heatsink and fan after buying the retail cause the prices aren't that much different like I said earlier


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I believe on many sites if you purchase an OEM processor along with a heatsink, you generally get a standard 1 yr warranty upgrade automatically...

I bought mine retail simply because I wanted a 3 year warranty for my processor when it came out, and there was only about a 3 dollar difference in price...

newegg has a pretty good quality setup and they are very good (in my experience) with replacing defective products and the like...

since the winchester IS newer tech, consider getting something with a little longer warranty (either with the HSF or getting it with the newegg warranty or buying retail)

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