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Beyond All Comprehension.
Hey everyone I was just stuck at a problem so I figured someone here could help me. Anyway, I have this Biostar M7NCD MB that I put in my new comp and, after redoing all the jumpers, I finally got a screen to setup the board. So it says to go into setup by pressing F8 or something and it doesn't work, so I press F10 to exit and save, so it does that and takes me to the hardware monitor. After I got there, I was stuck.... It just tells me the CPU fan speed and system fan speed and stuff, then at the bottom it says "Verifying DMI Pool Data"...... "Update Success" But thats all it says. It won't do anything after that. No keystrokes will get me out of this, and I just wanna get back to the MB setup so I can get my new computer up and running. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem? Even if I restart it just takes me right back to the hardware monitor.....


Beyond All Comprehension.
Well, no I never tried resetting the CMOS but I did get the problem fixed. But now that im in a thread I might as well ask another question because I have another problem. I installed my windows xp pro on my comp.... and usually it asks me how I will connect to the internet and I can enter my IP and DNS server and stuff like that, but it didn't ask me that this time..... So I went into Network Connections to set it up and after I go through the checklist on what kind of internet it is, it always tells me "Your broadband connection should already be configured and ready to use. If your connection is not working properly, click on the following link" Then it links you to help and support where it only tells you to right click on your connection and repair it, but I don't have a connection set up yet! Thats whats really frustrating, it says I have a connection, when the internet doesn't work, and the only way the computer says to fix it is if I repair the so called "already existing connection", thats not even there. Any ideas on how I could set up my DSL without this happening?

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