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Toyota MR2 Turbo T-Bar

I miss my MR2. I used to have a 1992 MR2 Turbo. It was candy red with T-tops. That little car could outrun Mustangs and Camaros without trying... Had to get rid of it when we had our first child. They handle like a dream.


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I love that body style of MR2 but that thing is ugly as sin. If you're going to mod something, do it right.


The One and Only
who WOULD want that? How often can one use nitrous, unless you live in germany? The body kit look just flat out sucks. Looks extremely uncomfortable, and probably has an exhaust that makes the car sound like a weedwacker. sorry, but no thanks.


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Electronic Punk said:
Guess thats why it wins all those awards :eek:
So has the Ford Focus but that's not a good car either. Awards really don't mean that much unless they're from respectable companies and even then I tend to think that most people have absolutely no taste.


Define 'Cynical'
LocKStocK said:
MR2's a bit of a womans car isn't it?
You're thinking of the Eclipse or maybe the new MR2 which are uglier than this one that's for sale. When I was looking for a fast car I was considering a '94 Toyota MR2, '95 Nissan 300ZX, or a '91 Mazda RX-7. I believe the older (non-box) MR2 has a masculinity about it and it's styled like both the z-car and the rx-7 except smaller.


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I really like my first generation MR2, known as the MKI. I remember posting a pic in a "post your ride pic" thread somewhere. I simply love driving it during the summer, so much so that I bought a second one, a supercharged '89 version as opposed to the N/A '86 that I have. I never really enjoyed those second generation ones as compared to the first. But they are still very nice. What this guy did to his though, is left to be desired.

Ugh, that's disgusting. The cars are ok, but that things just horrendous!


Weasel, I would go for the RX-7 or the 300ZX 3litre twin turbo if given the choice of those three, either of them will just leave the MR2 in dust.


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ElementalDragon said:
who WOULD want that? How often can one use nitrous, unless you live in germany?
not really interested in the car, its ok, but u could use the nos here in saudi, we have HUGE 5 Lane striaght highways, cops here dont really care about speeding, hehe, i "accedentaly" skidded infront of a cop last wednesday, but he didnt care, i pretened like it was an accident by hitting my steering wheel like it was my car's fault lol

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