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Totally bizarre quirk



This is the most bizarre thing I've ever encountered on the PC. It started about 4 days ago. It was about 12 midnight, and I thought I heard music very faintly. It only lasted for a few seconds, but I noticed it was "Only Time" by Enya, and I figured it may have been coming from upstairs. The next day, I heard it again, and this time I happened to see on my PC's clock that it was 12:06 AM. Next night, 12:06 AM on the dot, again I hear Enya's "Only Time" very faintly. Now just a few minutes ago, it happened AGAIN, at exactly 12:06 AM. I's coming from my PC. WTF is going on?!


I may actually be insane.
Some form of timer for winamp/media player installed by someone else?
some random app installed by someone else?
you forgot your medication?

It does sound rather wierd, hope you find out what it is so you can let us know just in case our machines ever go all spooky on us :D
are you 100% sure its coming from your PC? try turning off the speakers while it plays... I'm sure if it happens every night at the same time, you could either sit and wait for it to happen and check the open processes at the time, or turn the PC off at 12.05 (avoiding the 12.06 problem :p)

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