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TOTAL XBOX NooB:) (but not a PC noob) :)


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Okay I got a chance to borrow my friends xbox and hes wanting to sellit to me, but the problem is that he had it a month ago and it stopedworking, said "its like the laser stoped working, and no game could beplayed" now he tryed playing it again (about another month later) andit works fine, he wants to sell it to me for 75 bucks (canadian) withone game and one controller? Im worried that it might stop workingagain and Ill get screwed:) should I buy it or whats the prolem withit?:)

Also question outta knowwhere, can you play against a friend with xbox live through the internet or LAN on a PC?:):):)

-Thanks a lot:)

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You can buy spares seperately, but when you attempt to get into the case you will blow the warranty. But having said that, for $75 bucks its a steal, come to mention it a replacement drive may cost you more :p

Naturally, make sure he confirms the drive is working before laying down your cash.
Had my xbox 2 years and haven't had a single problem with it...

...Except KOTOR, silly game crashed for the end cutscene :p
You can play 'online' without xbox live I thing there is two programs xconnect and kai kai (I think thats what its called) not sure if you need the xbox modded..do a google search, there is a lot of info on it.


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okay thx ill serach for the program, I think that would be awesome,
Another wuestion, If I plugges the xbox into my router would windows xp reconize that its there or is the program absoulty nessisary?:)

I'm asuming you only got your xbox chipped.

I would seriously suggest getting the xbox 'slayer' cd (from the usual places!) this includes a ftp client.

I then just use flash fxp to connect to my xbox...to transfer music/games/films etc.

It also comes with xlink kai so you can play games over the internet, xbox media center etc...it then completely opens up what you can do with your xbox.

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