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torrentreactor.com down?


High On Life!
www.torrentreactor.com said:
Hey, it worked !
The SSL/TLS-aware Apache webserver was
successfully installed on this website.
thats whats on the front page, either they closed it or they are doin a update or setup a new server


I may actually be insane.
due to a HDD failure we are down, the failure was foreseeable so we asked the colo to exchange the harddrive.
they told us that this would be done ASAP a couple of days ago. well as you can see it has not been done and the hd died. server has been reinstalled today, all data appears lost or erased on the old harddisk.
we asked them to send it in for recovery because due to some stupid circumstances (vacations and so on) we have NO backup at all.
we are trying to get a ~1 month old backup back at the moment but the chance is very little.

more info soon. 22. feb 2005 - 11:30pm

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