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Torrent program


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Im looking for torrent program like utorremt, i want to be able to select and dis-select what im downloading in a torrent..any ideas?


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Been a while since I used a Mac torrent client, but I believe the newer versions now support selective download

edit: apparently not quite out yet.. but they are in the nightly builds and will be in version .80 (source: http://transmission.m0k.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1941)

so.. you could grab a nightly build, or wait for v.8 (or find another client of course). I believe Azureus also supports it, but I hate Azureus as a client as I feel it is bloated, slow, and a resource hog and can not really in good conscience recommend it.

There are also rumors of uTorrent for Mac coming..
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Torrents on a Mac?


They should make a movie, starring Samuel (snakes on a pLane) Jackson.


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For feature rich (Selective downloads, encryption, etc) go with Azureus, however for a light-weight client, go with Transmission

Tomato torrent hasn't been updated in quite some time, I wouldn't go near it, and uTorrent on the Mac isn't a rumour, it's happening, there's no news on a release date yet though.


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Just a quick note that Transmission has officially released v0.80
Today, we are proud to release version 0.80 of Transmission. This is a very important release for us, and incorporates two of the most requested features - file selection and torrent creation.


I may actually be insane.
Hopefully they'll kick encryption out the door soon, for people with sucky ISPs, I know it's one of the most requested features at the moment :)

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