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This is odd...


Stranger Than Fiction
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Cracked open a new set of XP disks today. Each in their own black vinyl sleeve, alone, that is the key word here. Alone. So anyway, I start an install, it gets about 75% done and then prompts me to insert disk 2. I've never seen a regular XP install request another disk. The only time I can think of a 2nd disk was early Media Center versions, and who used that? I cancel the prompt for 2nd disk and the XP install finishes. But now app installs fail. I dont have the error code in front of me but it points to a MS page that tells me to do a SFC /SCANNOW. Thing is ... I can't. When I try, it scans most of the system files and then, you guessed it, asks me for disk 2. I really have no idea what to do here. Ideas?


- geek -
Are these perhaps "restore" discs from an OEM? The 2nd disc would be mostly the crap they load your system up with.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I thought of that too. But they were new volume license disks from MS or whoever our vendor is. I did some checking and it seems that I might have grabbed the wrong key and installed the tablet edition. I guess that pen support and all the various tools that version uses are on a 2nd disk. I've never actually installed this disk before because we have it as an image on our server so all the files are in one package. I also didn't know that the keys determined the version installed. Learn something new everyday!

Electronic Punk

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Could be some new release that integrates so many hotfixes that it just won't fit on a single cd anymore, much like media center as you say.

Or just a naff disk, its the serial that is important tho really and I can't see it being too hard to find a copy of an XP image somewhere these days :)


PrOuD InDiAn
Great! I have media center on one of our PCs here ( for media features alone) . Annoying when it asks for 2nd CD whenever i format my PC. Like EP said first CD might have saturated and they are now including a 2nd one :)

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