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this is a test

Originally posted by Electronic Punk
But we can if we want to right?

Welcome to XP-erience
Ya just don't get it do you?????? LOL j/k

This is pc_tek actually..... hehehe.... in I decided to go back to my old nic....

Question though... trying to put a custon avatar thingy on, but it won't load onto the server... is the server messed up or do I have to have so many posts?


Beware the G-Man
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Testing 3, 2, 1... Testing.
If this had been an actual emergency, due to... say... ICBMs or Radioactive Fallout, you would have been instructed to place your head between your legs and kiss yer a$$ goodbye. :p

Electronic Punk

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The problem could be either, you may need 10 posts :)
I will try changing my avatar and will then break down into tears when it doesn't work.

Electronic Punk

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ok, fixed it... was an error I recognise...

Basically we moved the ntfs data over here and untarred it, so none of the file permissions were kept... so if any errors do occur just let us know and I will make someone else fix it

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Do not adjust your set. Do not make changes to all your tweaking that you think you did right. There is nothing wrong. Please continue as before. I repeat....do not adjust your set.

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