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Things you hate

Just thought i'd start a random thread just random stuff not stuff that really matters but might to you lol :speechless:

Brushing teeth at Night
People who fone you at stupid o'clock to talk and then say i cant really talk cause parents are asleep the logic there is amazing

*Notes that wont get more than 5 replies if any but nevermind :rolleyes:
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People who make tea at 4 in the morning when you sleep in a room next to a kitchen. For some odd reason, this always seems to happen when I go on a holiday :rolleyes:

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Stupid,pointless shortened spelling
People was say "basically"
Justin Timberlake
Religious people who knock at your door in the early morning
The lads of the "Look at me in my car blasting music brigade" Think their cool while we're all thinking MORONS :laugh:
1) Stupid shortened spelling (although I am somewhat responsible for this too).
2) "Pop" music
3) Barry boys
4) Religion (period).
5) Winter weather during summer months :)

Many more, but I cant really be bothered typing that much :p


1) Government Corruption
2) Family members leaving wet towels on the floor or bed
3) Stupid drivers (mentioned before)
4) Any form of spam (phone solicitors, people at my door, internet ads, TV ads, radio ads)
5) Dirtbag neighbours
6) People who complain about loud car stereos but then get in their car with a fart can for an exhaust or ride a Harely.
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1) cellphones (now everyone can get in touch with anyone at anytime)
2) "ghetto rap" (such a bad influence and does not try to have people achieve in anyway)
3) brushing teeth at night (it has to be done, but sucks getting up from watching tv to do it)
4) ignorant people, this includes rich CEO's who want more money.. give it to the workers, yes they do work(the ceo's), but its more relax and stress is not on them AS much as a 9-5 i doubt, what are the chances of a ceo getting fired for being late 3x while a normal guy can't be late once.. and also includes all the bible thumpers & religious radicals who try to push their religion on others, and look down at you for not going with "their" believes, let people be, and if i wanted to believe what you do then...I would.
5) people who smoke.. stuff is nasty, nothing is gained from it, and well i dunno why people even do/try it.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
In no particular order

1) Bad Drivers
2) Suped up Cars (as in civics and such also includes low-riders, just plain stupid)
3) This goes with 2 but cars with subwoofers so loud that they take down a small building when they pull up next to one
4) People who think they're so cool
5) Certain Celebrities

and since Im a comp geek:

6) Adaware/Spyware and IE!
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The Donger Need Food!!!!
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people who don't do what they say they'll do.
traffic (living in Chicago will do this to you)
people who think they know too much
getting 51 instant messages a day and 49 of them are for computer help.
The Chicago Cubs
Being a smoker

can keep going for about 8 more posts


Political User
3.the inability dicipline children the way we see fit (the reason why kids are so ****ed up nowadays)
4.muslim xtemist
7.cheap beer
8.rice burners
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Son Goku

No lover of dogma
The things is, some of the things I have a strong dislike for are serious. But as others have mentioned some serious things...here goes:

- PR: This includes both corporate and government lies and general "massaging of the English language", to distort people's view of reality for self serving purposes.

- Corruption

- Dogma, especially when it's shoved down other people's throats as "you must believe this, because I say so..." This can include both religious and political dogma

- Puritans trying to tell the whole of humanity how they must live, think, feel, and believe

- Mis-appropriating the law as some kind of a weapon, in an attempt to harm/destroy the unsuspecting. Especially when the one so using it is themselves guilty of sin. Hell, mise well make that injustice.

On a lighter note:

- Black olives

- cabage

- brussel sprouts, brockley, and other such strange vegies. Include turnups and yamms in this

- Burnt or overly crisp food. Yes, if the crust on my pizza is black underneath, it tastes like cardboard, I need a cup of liquid or more to wash 1 slice down, and I can hear it crunch in my mouth, it is over-cooked.

- Obnoxious neighbors that can wake the dead with a stereo so loud at 6:30 am, one could hear it several buildings away, but then throws a hissy fit if someone should need to flush their toilet after taking a dump at like 9 pm.
  1. Loud noises (to include cars modified to loud by means of audio or exhaust system)
  2. Misbehaving children at restaurants (bad kids only amuse me at stores, for some reason)

That's about it, really. Bad drivers is a given. "Hey, I deserve the right of way more than you do, so I'm just going to take it." How rude.
Political Correctness.
Preachers of any form, shape or standing.
Liberals (probably cause a stir with that one!).
GFWs (Gun Fearing Wussies).
People who try tell me firearms are bad, evil things.
Being in debt.
Childish nonsense such as people not being able to discipline children, defend themselves against criminals and evict freeloading "travellers" from their own property.
1. Liberals
2. Conservatives
3. People with hidden agendas in positions of power.
4. Those who refuse to study the past because they think it can't happen to them.
5. Making my lunch for work every night. I feel my time off is violated. Why is it impossible for a company cafeteria to serve healthy, good tasting food?

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