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Thermal Paste



I have a motherboard with no AGP slot. I plan on getting one with a agp slot. My question is, when i move the chip and heat sink t the new motherboard, do i have to add more thermal paste or what is on there is ok?

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yeh as the thermal paste doesnt get between microscopic gaps

but considering you dont have an AGP then it must be an old mobo. which uses a slower CPU so you can get away with it
when removing the heatsink from the CPU, when you replace it you must remove all of the old paste and re-apply new paste. Just topping it up is not good enough as it will not result in good thermal conduction.

If you tell us the speed of the processor then we can tell you really how much of a deal this is as you have an AGPless mobo
yes you should definitely remove and re-apply the thermal paste, the only thing I am wonderin now, is how did you get a mobo with no AGP slot on it that can take that CPU.


not sure, i bought this computer off of ubid, and from some reason it doesnt have a AGP . It has a "CNA" slot. Not to sure what that is or what it does. The mobo is made by MSI
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are you sure its not CNR

CNR is this
Acronym for Communication and Networking Riser. Developed by Intel, CNR is a riser card for ATX family motherboards that was developed in order to reduce the cost to OEMs of implementing LAN, home networking, audio and modem subsystems widely used in modern connected PCs. The CNR Specification is an open industry specification that defines a scalable motherboard riser card and interface that support the audio, modem, and network interfaces of core logic chipsets. The specification is supported by OEMs, Microsoft and silicon suppliers. The specification defines the CNR architecture for both standard and low-profile risers and includes electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements of the riser interface. In addition to supporting current technologies such as Ethernet and analog modems, the specification can be expanded for developing technologies, such as DSL.
CNA is a special port for plugging in modems or soundcards and that kind of stuff. These cards are made by the mobo manufacturer. I don't know if anyone acctually use them... :)

Bah, Geffy you beat me to it. :) Anyway they have a lot of names and looks so CNA may be one of them. :)
Someone would put an XP2000 in that MB? I see the feedthrough holes for a PCI card, SDRam...

That poor tbird is choking to death.

Shudders, convulses, heaves with nausea. The builder should be whipped!


what are my chances i will be able to move the cpu and the heat sink to another mobo without removing the heatsink from the cpu? Has anyone dont it before with having to apply paste again?
That should be impossible. The CPU is fastened by a small arm (brown long thingy beside the socket on the picture above) that needs releasing first. To do this you must remove the heatsink.
yep, then re apply some new paste.

This is only if you used Paste.
I think some thermal pads while not conducting heat as well, can keep the HSF and CPU glued together and things like the Arctic Alumia which is a kind of epoxy glue the HSF and CPU together but I dont recommend using either the epoxy or the pad.


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hmmm do u think?

i saw this thermal paste like a couple days ago, and its supposed to be better than the arctic silver 3. do u think it is? they said its proven in many tests, if it really is then ill get that. because they also have the arctic silver 3 on that site so i dont see why they would say that to make more money unless they care about a couple of dollars blah blah yeah yaeh times all the thousands that will get it they make thousands off that 1 dollar but im just sayin.;)

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I would say go for the Arctic Silver 3. If it isn't broke, then why fix it? :p

It's easy to remove / reapply paste. In fact, I just did it yesterday. Use an anti-static cloth and use at least 91% isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). I bought pre-moistened wipes myself...lol. Don't be scared to put a little bit of pressure to wipe the stuff off (in other words, it isn't necessarily a pressure-less operation to get that stuff off the die). And when it says only a tiny drop is needed, it is true. Don't overdo it. "Less" is "more," actually.


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