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There's a mac user in all of us.


Beware the G-Man
Political User
That's funny SPeedY. :p

Well if someone gives me one I'll take it and use it.

Oh that's rite someone DID give me one, an old LapTop... I burned it. :D

It was way old.
Haha, I remember #98 when Hawk goes around responding to everything with "Get a Mac." That was so annoyingly funny, I printed it out and pinned it on the wall.


I may actually be insane.
The get a mac strip is classic (I'm sure it's posted in here somewhere ;))

gonaads, you loon. That's all I'm saying :p

themafia69, hawk draws it on his mac.
Mafia: As speedy already said Hawk draws it on his mac, i believe he uses Adobe Photoshop... i will be corrected if i am wrong, but im pretty sure its PS he uses

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