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The Zink???

have u guys heard of ploroids new mobile printer the Zink, it looks really cool:nervous:
i think the first ones are coming out at the end of this year.
and could change the printing biz alot over the nezt few years.
they releaseing printer, digital cameras, and maybe more.
i can't wait for it to come out.:nervous: :nervous:

PS: it's Inkless!!!!!!!!!


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Yes.. it's not really poloroid.. it's a separate company called Zink (http://www.zink.com/) which stands for Zero INK printing :)

It's poloroid like in that it requires special paper which has embedded colorless dye crystals. The "printer" has a thermal head which heats the pixels/crystals to a certain temperature which causes the crystals to change color producing an image. They are supposed to be faster than traditional inkjet printers and produce some great results. Paper costs is estimated to be ~20-30cents for a 2x3 inch paper.

Gizmodo has an early look at one their mobile models geared towards printing cell phone pics.. They are also supposed to have a standalone model available... supposed to be out later this year.

edit: it's also very similiar to the Fuji CX-550 printers in concept, Zink just does it faster (and probably better). Good spot, and thanks for bringing it to the forum
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