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The Village

In theaters tomorrow! After watching and thoroughly enjoying Unbreakable, Sixth Sense, and Signs, I'm really looking forward to this one.

Planning to go watch it with a group of friends tomorrow night. Anyone else all hyped up about it?


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I can't wait to see it! I thought it funny when I read that the village is named Covington in PA...there's a little place a few miles from me called Covington...way out in the woods, too! :)
ThePatriot said:
I can't wait to see it! I thought it funny when I read that the village is named Covington in PA...there's a little place a few miles from me called Covington...way out in the woods, too! :)
Hehe, that's interesting.

Son Goku

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I'll probably go see it... Looks like they have a 12:15 am show too

/me likes going to latter shows, cause there are fewer peeps that can make a pain out of themself throughout the movie, with cell phones, chair kicking, and what not :eek:
I actually like going to theaters when there are lots of people.
Since Westwood is a university town (UCLA), most of the people in the theaters are usually students like us. Makes for a good show, especially when watching entertaining movies like Spiderman 2...everyone shouting and cheering before/after the movie.


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DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE....I just previewed it a few hours ago and it is complete garbage. Sure there will people that won't believe me and see it anyway and lose their money anyways lol, but I highly recommend to watch another movie. It has the dumbest plot that similarily centers around a religious group (PA) today. Remember I warned you and if you still don't believe me...wait for the reviews...and if the reviews are somehow positive...let God be with you...lol.

Son Goku

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I guess it depends on the peeps, and on what they do :D Some of the worst I've run into

- Watching the Core, and they stopped the movie about half way in, and management was there to announce someone discharged the entire fire extinguisher and they had to evacuate the theater we were in, due to all the halon in the air.

- Some people (one day) sat in the very back and kept making shadow puppets in the beam while making barn yard animal noises throughout the movie

- I've seen peeps pretty much shout over the movie and when shushed, would shush back and then speak louder. I've even seen this (on occassion) turn to cursing, and come somewhat close to becomming physical (once or twice)...

One of my friends saw a midnight screening of this last night and is trying to spread the word today that the movie is absolutley horrible. He even set his away message on aim to read, "The Villiage is sooooooooo bad." lol

Personally I hated the Sixth Sense and Signs, and wasn't planning on seeing this anyway. I'm meeting a group of friends at the theatre tonight and while they waste their money on The Village, I will be seeing The Manchurian Candidate or Napoleon Dynamite.


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I think me was correct in saying this movie is gonna stink. :D

One review I read had the best opening line.

If your idea of horror is a Halloween episode of "Little House on the Prairie," it's conceivable that you might be spooked by "The Village."
Has anyone else seen this movie?
Well im not gonna spoil anything for anyone but im gonna say im very disappointed with this movie. After the other three great movie (imho) how could you do this to us???
I agree with all the hype this movie brought youd think it would be alot better but oh well IT SUX
but wait maybe i missed something in the beginning because i fell asleep for about 30 mins
Aww, I'm going to have to agree with the rest here. Just got back from the theater, and I have to admit it was a pretty big let-down.
Oh well...I know I'd get all fidgety if I didn't watch it, since I would keep wondering why people did or did not like it. I was just too curious to see for myself, so it's no big deal.


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