The technological car ???



It was posted here a while ago, an article about I think Toyota making a car that showed it's feelings by flashing it's lights!

Where is it PLEASE ?
Zanwar; I searched around google for something like that; couldn't find one darn thing on it.

Sounds interesting though

Two flashes " I'm running out of gas "
Three flashes " Please fill me up "
Four Flashes: " Do it you mother****er! "


yeah it does.

I think it was in the Equirer or something but I can't find it. I searched in Google aswell!

*****ng hell !
Oh Glaanieboy, I think you found it! I'm reading it, and cracking up. I would have to have someone stick NOS into that car and then see what it feels ;)
" N2O, or Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a weak anaesthetic gas that has been in use since the late 18th century. Common use includes both surgical and recreational purposes. Most people have experienced nitrous in the context of dentistry. Nitrous is also used in the dairy industry as a mixing and foaming agent as it is non-flammable, bacteriostatic (stops bacteria from growing) and leaves no taste or odour. Nitrous is also used in auto racing to speed engines. Nitrous is even used in diving to prepare divers for nitrous-like effects. "

It's laughing gas I tell you!